Buying vs. Renting

Why Buying Is The Best Choice!

Why Buying
Is The Best Choice!

There are many advantages to buying a home over renting. The biggest advantage is the ability to accrue equity through homeownership instead of lining your landlord’s pocket with your hard-earned dollars! Plus there are tax savings to be had, and you typically enjoy a larger amount of living space, and amenities like a garage, yard, and private outdoor space. Why settle for living in someone else’s dwelling when you can have your very own home with brand new appliances, carpet and flooring, new fixtures and a floor plan that you picked out!


Why Buying Is The Best Choice!

Why You Should Buy
A New Home!

Many people ask why they should buy when they are perfectly happy renting. Well, are you happy that you are not building equity each month you write out your rent check? Are you happy you have no tax savings or advantages? Are you happy living in half the space you could be enjoying? If you answered no to any one of these questions, then buying a new home is the right choice for you – talk to our site representatives today, and stop throwing your money away each month!


Why Buying Is The Best Choice!

You Don’t Have To Be Stuck Renting With Our Lease Buy-Out Program!

Chesapeake Homes wants to help you get out of a dead-end renting situation and into a liberating home ownership opportunity! We’re ready to assist you with our Lease Buy-Out Program which enables us to pay off your lease, and get you into a new home that you can own right away – instead of having to wait until your lease is up! Ask our site representative for more details.

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