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Home Preparations for Spring are Here!

Posted in North Carolina News Division On April 17th, 2017


With the Spring Season upon us, it is time to prepare your newly built home for what is to come! Home preparations for Spring are important to maintain your home cleanliness in addition to being prepared for the warm weather events to come.

  1. Change HVAC Filters. With the warm weather coming, your HVAC air conditioning system will be running more frequently. With this comes the additional changing of your HVAC filter. This should be checked about once a month.
  2. Clean Window Treatments. Go through your home and ensure and dust or dirt that has run through your home is cleaned away. This can be thoroughly done by taking down window treatments, washing them, and cleaning any dust away from the window itself with a wet sponge.
  3. Replace or Clean Rugs. If you have outdoor mats, it is likely winter weather has taken a toll on them. Replace outdoor rugs and give your home a more refreshing appearance. As far as indoor rugs, take the time to deep clean them thoroughly. You may be amazed at what a difference a deep clean does to your rug versus year-round spot cleaning.
  4. Change out Blankets. The colder weather dragged out the faux fur, heavy, and possibly, typically hidden blankets. Store way your winter blankets and replace them with lighter, soft-colored blankets throughout your home.
  5. Slipcover Furniture. This simple trick is genius! Investing the money to purchase slipcovers is well worth it for the warmer weather. Added sunlight can quickly fade your furniture, but most importantly, the spills and dirt that come from warm weather activities quickly deteriorates your furniture’s cleanliness. By adding slipcovers, you can be at ease when muddy feet or Kool-Aid covered hands touch your sofa!
  6. Prepare for Bugs. Dry foods can easily be sealed with mason jars or glass sealable containers. This makes food easier to label, as well. The warmer weather will bring unwelcome friends and properly stored food can make all the difference!

Chesapeake Homes wants to ensure you are entirely prepared for the warm weather enabling you to fully enjoy your newly built home!

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