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What To Do With Your Outdoor Space

Posted in Virginia News Division On May 8th, 2017


With the Summer approaching and daylight extending, now is the perfect time to transform your outdoor space into a place everyone will love! Rather than your outdoor area just being an additional “space,” create a distinct “place.” Learn what to do with your outdoor space with these tips from Chesapeake Homes!

  1. Add a shady area. Create a shady, lounging area with anything from pinning a sheet up to buying a used canopy. If you’re not located in a windy area, a beach umbrella could do the job!
  2. Create your sunbathing deck. No deck to lay in the sun? Not a problem! A sun deck can be easily built with pallets or step stone tiles. Ensure that your elements are placed tightly together so that you can add chair-beds and get your tan on!
  3. Bring on the lights. Lighting allows for the outdoor place to be accessed at night so it truly is important. Lighting can be extremely versatile, ranging from soft candlelight to bright string lights. Depending on the area you have created, your choice of lighting will have various impacts. If romantic lighting is the goal, incorporate dark-colored holders and widely placed candles. If an upbeat or bright area is the goal, go for white string lights woven throughout the area.
  4. Create dining options. Would you and your significant other like to eat breakfast or have a glass of wine outside? Make this possible by adding two chairs and a small decorative table to a patio area. Surround yourself with potted plants to better seclude the area. If larger group dining is something you’d prefer to offer, consider adding a repurposed dining table set. Add candles, shade, and you will be ready to entertain!
  5. Add a fire pit. Fire pits ensure use of your outdoor place through the night. Fire pits are easy to personalize and range from wheelbarrows on tile to large built-in tables. Check out your different DIY options here.

With your new outdoor place done, you should be ready to entertain at your newly built home! Walk through the house of a Chesapeake Homes community here to choose where to place your new outdoor ideas.

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