Why Buy A New Home

Buying New Is Smarter Than Buying A Used Home!

There’s a myth that buying a resale home is better than buying a new home, but we’re here to show why that is not true!  Buying new vs. resale provides you with builder and manufacturer warranties that resale purchases just don’t include.  These warranties offer peace of mind for years to come, unlike a resale home which could have hefty unexpected costs in the near future for things like a new roof, new windows, new HVAC… the list goes on.  Plus, Chesapeake Homes’ new homes are packed full of energy-efficient products and value-engineered building processes featuring the latest the industry has to offer.  Our goal is to deliver you with a new home that will bring years of living enjoyment to you and your family, and save you money in the long run.  Take a look at the illustration below and see the potential costs you may incur when buying a resale home – these are potential costs above the price you pay for the home.  Get the facts, buy new.  It’s the smart choice!

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