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Financing Your Home

Financing For Your New Home

Buying a new home is a big step in anyone’s life. For most people, it is a first-time process which involves getting a mortgage loan to help finance the costs of the purchase.

Financing makes it affordable for people to purchase a home by letting them borrow the money at a rate that fits into their budget, and thereby being able to pay back the loan – with a monthly mortgage payment. Your Chesapeake Homes’ representative will be the best person to point you towards finding out what your financing options are.

Obtaining a mortgage loan is an integral part of purchasing a home, and something you need to be educated about. Deciding on the amount you can spend on your new home is an intricate process. Figuring out which type of mortgage and what kind of payment works best for you can be confusing. Finding a mortgage company that will not only walk you through these steps, but also help you understand what is going on, is an important part of buying your dream home.

Chesapeake Homes only recommends the best mortgage company to our customers, to ensure that you are in the best hands. Our preferred lender is Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc., and any one of our representatives can put you in touch with a Tidewater Mortgage loan officer to get the process started in financing your home.

Tidewater Mortgage Services Inc.

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Get Prequalified Now!

It’s easy to get started! Simply add the state and community you are interested in below and you’ll be redirected to the Tidewater Mortgage Services loan officer’s page who specializes in offering loans in that area. Once there, simply fill out Tidewater Mortgage Services’ easy Prequalification App!

Contact A Loan Specialist!

Not quite ready to prequalify, but you have some questions for a mortgage loan specialist? Select the state and community you are interested in below, and a contact form for the Tidewater Mortgage Services loan officer who handles that area will come up – just fill out, send it and they will be in touch!