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7 How-To Enhance Your Curb Appeal Tips

Posted in North Carolina News Division On April 10th, 2017


Now that you’ve landed in your newly built home, Chesapeake Homes wants to give ideas on how to enhance your curb appeal! Why does this matter, you ask? The curb of a home is like a first impression; it determines whether guests are excited to walk up to your new home or not. The overall outside image of your home should reflect the beauty of the inside of your new home.

  1. Plant Color. Often, homeowners will plant a lot of greenery because it typically blooms year-round. However, there are annuals and low-maintenance perennials that can provide the front yard with a pop of color year-round.
  2. Highlight Your Front Door. The front door of your home is similar to the focal point of a room. By adding a seasonal or inviting wreath and a welcoming floor mat-you’re golden! Choosing accessories that accent your front door color will provide more of a “wow” reaction, as well.
  3. Light Up Your Landscape. Now that you’ve put so much work into your yard, don’t let it be only seen during the day! Give your walkway some light with solar light fixtures that are both useful and inexpensive.
  4. Create Symmetry. Think about the curbs that have stood out the most to you-they all have symmetry, guaranteed. What does this mean in terms of a curb? It means that you should ensure, if there is a large potted plant on side of the door, that the same plant is on the other side. This applies to bushes or porch furniture, as well.
  5. Add Window Boxes. Adding window boxes not only highlights your new windows, but also adds accents of color with greenery. Given their position alongside the house, these are also easy to maintain!
  6. Plant a Tree. Planting a tree is an excellent way to provide outside appeal in addition to providing shade for future family activities. A tree is something beautiful both in appearance and in memories it will provide! With this, be careful to ensure the location you choose to plant the tree. Keep in mind things like size, proximity to your home, and maintenance that comes with the tree.
  7. Create a Small Garden. A front porch provides just the right amount of space for a small herb garden. Add a bench or trough to plant the herbs you use most in the home. From this, you can create a fresh garden literally just outside your doorstep!

Chesapeake Homes wants you to enjoy every inch of your home, from the inside to the outside. Use these tips to enhance your newly built home today!

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