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Storage Solutions for Your Home

Posted in North Carolina News Division On May 1st, 2017


With Spring in mind, Chesapeake Homes wants to ensure that you have the proper storage solutions for your home to boost your spring cleaning! Storage goes beyond extra cabinets or built-ins; it can range from rolling carts to repurposed mailboxes. Chesapeake Homes wants to give you storage ideas for every room of your newly built home.

Bedroom: Bedrooms have many storage options where they host wardrobes, toys, shoes, extra blankets, or even beauty essentials. The top-rated storage solution within a bedroom is inserting a storage bench at the foot of the bed. This serves as storage space for bulkier items such as spare blankets or winter coats. If these items don’t all fit in your bench, under-bed storage is the next best thing. This can be as simple as plastic bins or some go as far as metal rolling carts. If your bedroom does not have enough built-in storage for you, place an armoire in the bedroom. Frequently, these can be found in a used home good store. Easily update it for your room with paint and a patterned shelf-liner.

Kitchen: Storage within the kitchen can vary from hutches, rolling carts, or even cabinet organization. Hutches are great for kitchen decoration in addition to extra storage. These are preferred with many homeowners where the shelving within is easily rearranged to your kitchen needs. Rolling carts are not only trending, but they are great for storing typical items that steal counter space. Additional storage can be found in your already-given cabinets. The trick is to use items within your cabinet to make the most of the space. Using turntables and stacking bins within the cabinet not only make items more accessible, but allow for more to fit within the cabinet, as well!

Living Room: Living rooms should have just as many storage options as they do functions! Adding faux built-ins allows for bin-space, book storage, and even display of decorative items. Storage for these same items can be added with shelves behind the sofas. This has a dual purpose for storing items above like a table, as well as underneath. Adding decorative baskets throughout the room can function as quick storage for toys or clutter that needs putting away before guests arrive. This can add to the character of the room, as well, from a decorative standpoint. If there is too much clutter to store in a decorative basket, consider adding skirting to tables to tuck things away in additional bins.

Bathroom: With the small proximity of bathrooms it is important to utilize every inch of space! Cabinets or shelves attached to the wall allow for added space for towels, soaps, or toilet paper while clearing limited floor space. Another way to store toiletries is with a decorative, multi-level ladder. Decorative painted crates can be used for floor storage or wall storage of attached as shelves, additionally. When it comes to bathroom storage, every item should serve more than one function as it fits in such a small area.

With these storage hacks, you can easily transform your cluttered home into an organized and spring-cleaned home! Looking for a new home to provide this storage? Contact Chesapeake Homes today!

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