Chesapeake Homes Why People are Moving to Harnett County

Why People are Moving to Harnett County

Chesapeake Homes has chosen some of the highest-demand areas to build in, including but not limited to Virginia Beach, Virginia, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Raleigh, North Carolina. In our newest endeavor, we find ourselves in Harnett County, North Carolina with two amazing communities, Neill’s Pointe and The Farm at Neill’s Creek. However, the biggest question about these developments is “Why Harnett County?”


1.      Rural Charm and City Living

Harnett County is known for its picturesque landscapes, open spaces, and friendly people. This small-town feel will leave everyone feeling relaxed and at peace as they settle in for the night. But don’t worry, both communities are only a quick 23 miles from Downtown Raleigh.  In Harnett County, you have the option to spend a summer day kicking back at a wine tasting at Gregory Vineyard or head into the city to check out the North Carolina Museums of History, Art, and Natural Sciences. Neill’s Pointe and the Farm at Neill’s Creek give buyers the opportunity to have the best of both worlds.


2.      Outdoor Adventures

If you are someone who loves being outside and discovering the beauty of your surroundings, then we have good news about Harnett County. Home to various parks, lakes, and natural areas, the opportunities for activities such as hiking, fishing, boating, and camping are endless. Looking for something a little more adventurous and exciting? Check out the Zip Quest Waterfall and Treetop excursion. Open year-round, it’s a great spot for all to try ziplining, Treetop climbing, and get to see the natural beauty of the area.


3.      Building a Strong Community

Harnett County will welcome you with open arms. The area is known for its close-knit communities, groups, and events. With activities such as the county’s Annual Community Day gathering with local vendors or the Crepe Myrtle Festival in September, events are always being added to the calendar in this county. Plus, don’t forget in December to stop by Santa’s Workshop or all year long join one of the many non-profit groups and lend a helping hand. As soon as you arrive, you will understand the sense of belonging.


4.      Economic Development

Harnett County has the benefits of living and doing business in a rural community with the advantage of the economic and cultural opportunities of the surrounding cities. This opens doors to employment opportunities, cultural events, and gives those living in the rural county access to urban amenities. With such close proximity to the Research Triangle Park, the possibilities are boundless.


If our communities in this serene county sound like a good fit for you and your family, click here to schedule your appointment today. Each community has 7 floor plans to choose from with a plethora of personalization options at our state-of-the-art design gallery that will truly make the home yours. Get a look at all that Harnett County has to offer as well as the outstanding homes Chesapeake Homes has to offer through our community-specific pages.  

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