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2020 threw us all some curveballs, but one of those curveballs that we were certainly not expecting was the demand for new homes! If you are not aware, the real estate market has not taken a break sin
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Plans Reimagined with Woodley Architectural Group
This past week, our company had the pleasure of meeting with Woodley Architectural Group, an award-
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Heritage Park, the peaceful side of Beach Community Living
Welcome to Heritage Park in Longs, SC.  This development is the latest addition to the Chesapeake H
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30 Years of Dedication
It’s 2021 and Chesapeake Homes is turning 30! For those of you that may not know us, let us reintrod
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Winterizing Your Home
December is here in full force! The weather is going to get colder—much colder—before we see those p
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How to Make Your Home Cozy
Your home is your haven, and this year has proven that more than ever. There’s no doubt that it shou
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