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Chesapeake Homes is pleased to partner with Tidewater Mortgage Services to create the perfect synergy in your home buying experience.

Buying a new home is a big step in anyone’s life. For most people, it is a first-time process that involves getting a mortgage loan to help finance the costs of the purchase. Financing makes it affordable for people to purchase a home by letting them borrow the money at a rate that fits into their budget and thereby being able to pay back the loan with a monthly mortgage payment. When it comes to finding professionals who can help you navigate the world of mortgage loans, Tidewater Mortgage Services is the perfect place to begin your new home buying process! Contact one of our loan officers today to get started or just learn more about how Tidewater Mortgage Services can help you be on your way to a new home.

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Why Tidewater Mortgage Services?

Tidewater Mortgage Services and Chesapeake Homes form the perfect partnership to help you get from contract to close on your new home. Below are just a few of the many ways our relationship can help bring you peace of mind during this process!

  • New construction is a different ball game in terms of lending. From approvals to appraisals, some things just work a bit differently than in the resale world. Work with someone who knows how the process differs and how to make sure you are moving forth with different parts of the loan process at the right times, in turn, avoiding any potential delays.
  • Tidewater Mortgage Services and Chesapeake Homes have a longstanding relationship that equals a seamless process. Our hand-picked lenders guarantee we have the best of the best representing buyers, while also having a direct line to all of the people involved with your new home build at Chesapeake Homes, including the President of the company.
  • The Tidewater Mortgage Services loan officer works specific communities and is aware of any intricacies special to that community.
  • In this ever-changing market, Tidewater Mortgage Services is offering competitive rates and also extended rate lock options up to 9 months.
  • Take advantage of the special offer of closing cost coverage from Chesapeake Homes when you use Tidewater Mortgage Services.

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