Homes Designed for Today's Technology

Chesapeake Homes knows that Smart Home features are important to today’s homebuyers when considering a new home purchase. That is why we strive to offer homes built with technology to automate your life while saving both energy and money every step of the way. Talk to one of our New Home Specialists and let them explain the benefits of our included mySMARThome package. From our Smart Thermostats and Light Switches to our Video Doorbell and Keyless Entry, Chesapeake Homes adds a sense of security along with money-saving and energy-saving features into every home we build. Not only do we strive to make our homes extremely affordable to own, but with our mySMARThome features, we make them simple and cost-effective to live in too!


The mySMARThome system includes a smart thermostat, light switch, deadbolt, and doorbell camera. You can control these devices manually, through a smartphone app. Our technology partner will set up an appointment after closing to activate the system and help you to customize all settings to complement your lifestyle. Some of the features which sets this system apart are:
  • "Scenes" offer the ability to control multiple devices with the touch of a button.
  • Geo-fence technology uses your smartphone's location to trigger actions for your smart devices.
  • Smartphone app is password-protected with the highest levels of encryption.
  • Smart devices do NOT rely on your wireless network. They use z-wave technology.
Smart Thermostat
Control your thermostat from anywhere in the world using your smartphone app.
  • Save energy and money by setting your thermostat to automatically adjust based on the outside temperature.
  • Get notifications of temperature changes and create customized schedules.
Keyless Entry Deadbolt
Use a code or your smartphone app to lock/unlock your front door.
  • Set up codes for guests, pet-walkers, babysitters and house cleaners.
  • Keys are not necessary, so lost keys will no longer be a security risk.
Smart Light Switch
Set your light on a schedule that fits your lifestyle or control the light with your app or voice.
  • Save money on your energy bills by managing the use of lights.
  • Program your front porch lights to turn on at dusk and off at dawn, or use a geo-fence to turn lights on/off as you come and go.
Video Doorbell
You will always know who is at your door when you open it.
  • Have a two-way conversation with the person at your door and even remotely unlock your door to let guests in.
  • Get doorbell-activated or motion-activated video clips sent to your smartphone.
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