Chesapeake Homes Building a Production Home vs Custom Home

Building a Production Home vs Custom Home

A big question you might have while searching for a new home is what the difference between a custom and a production builder is. Put simply, a production builder creates a community based on a collection of floorplans and options offered to all buyers. A custom builder constructs a home that can be one-of-a-kind with an array of options to select from. Many times, this is built on a lot that the buyer might already own or work with the custom builder to select. But this definition just scratches the surface of the differences.


When it comes to choosing between building a custom home and a production home, there are several factors to consider. While both options have their advantages and disadvantages, a production home may be the better choice for many buyers. Here are some of the main differences between building a custom home vs a production home and why you may want to consider the latter.



One of the biggest differences between a custom home and a production home is the timeline. Building a custom home can take significantly longer than a production home, as it involves designing the home from scratch and going through a lengthy planning process. In contrast, production homes are built from pre-designed plans and typically have shorter construction timelines, so if you are looking for a quicker turnaround time, a production home helps provide just that. Production builders might also have move-in ready options if your timeframe is extremely limited, providing that new home smell in about 30 days!  



Building a custom home can be significantly more expensive than a production home. With a custom home, you might need to hire an architect and pay for a range of additional expenses such as permits, site preparation, and design changes. Production homes are built on a larger scale, which can lower the overall cost per unit, and once you are under contract and your finishes have all been selected, the total investment of your home stays put, so there are no surprises later on in your build cost-wise.



People building a new home might lean towards a custom home to get more flexibility when it comes to design and layout, and while it is true that you can customize these homes exactly as you want them, many production builders will offer a plethora of choices as well. With a visit to a design gallery, you can find options for various items in your new home, from cabinets and flooring to countertops and even interior doors. There are typically a handful of structural options to select from as well to truly make the floorplan functional for your needs and exterior colors to help create the perfect curb appeal.


Sense of Community

While custom homes may offer more flexibility, production homes are typically built at a more rapid rate, bringing a true community feel to the neighborhood in a quicker time. This is because production builders have experience building homes at scale, and they have refined their construction processes to ensure consistency and efficiency. They also build in phases and typically complete a phase to allow for that section in the community to not have to deal with as much construction around them. In contrast, custom builders may build on one lot at a time and there could be longer gaps in construction.


Production homes are often built in communities that offer a range of amenities, such as parks, pools, and other shared facilities. These amenities can be a big draw for many homebuyers and can increase the value of your home over time. Custom homes may not have access to the same level of amenities, especially if they are built in more remote or isolated locations.


In conclusion, while custom homes may offer more flexibility and personalization, production homes have several advantages that make them a great choice for many buyers. From cost and quality to amenities and timeline, production homes can provide an affordable, high-quality housing option that meets the needs of a wide range of homebuyers.\

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