Chesapeake Homes Discover the ultimate Dream Kitchen, plus meet The Bougie Foodie

Discover the ultimate Dream Kitchen, plus meet The Bougie Foodie

At Chesapeake Homes, you can create a kitchen that is a masterpiece with the latest technology, versatile storage solutions, and stunning design elements. Discover endless possibilities for flooring, countertops, cabinetry, sinks, and lighting. Create a space that is both functional and fabulous.  Create ample space for food preparation with quartz or granite countertops. Today's homeowners crave spaciousness.

Upgrade your kitchen with storage-optimized cabinetry that seamlessly matches your home's design. Imagine a walk-in Butler's pantry neatly storing small appliances, canned goods, and spices. Showcase your finest pieces with elegant glass doors on upper cabinets, bathed in soft, illuminating light.

With more and more foodies, kitchens need all the culinary wizardry. Today’s dream kitchen would include a gas stove—or double oven, a second dishwasher, a fully appointed coffee bar, a wine bar, and a caterer’s kitchen. In addition to the pull-down faucet, there would be a pot filler faucet by the stove to make it easy to fill large pots with water without leaving your cooking area. The must-have center island would include a second sink for prep work.

Elevate your space with stylish and functional lighting that sets the perfect ambiance while illuminating your tasks, such as under-cabinet lights.

Escape the chaos of your household and find solace in this dream kitchen. Imagine sitting in a sun-filled nook or at an island breakfast bar, soaking in the peace and quiet. Create your own little haven within the heart of your home.

After you build your own Dream Kitchen, how about hosting a Dream Event in our own kitchen without lifting a finger? How about using a local personal chef for your special dinner or event?

The Bougie Foodie is an event focused on personal chef service that offers fabulous dining experiences within the home of the client. Each event is unique in the type of food, style, and reason. The client will work directly with The Bougie Foodie to create a fabulous menu, and logistic details and that is it! The Bougie Foodie will handle everything from the planning, prepping, set up, cooking, and clean-up. The client does not have to worry about anything but entertaining their guests, The Bougie Foodie has the kitchen under control. Each event will be meaningful and provide fabulous memories along with amazing food.  The Bougie Foodie can be your personal chef.

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