Chesapeake Homes It’s Time to Get Your Lawn Care Game On!

It’s Time to Get Your Lawn Care Game On!

Let's Talk About Lawn Care: The Backbone of Home Appeal

If you want a home that has curb appeal, then it is important that you take care of your lawn.The look and feel of your yard can make or break the opinion people have about your property.Plus, with well-maintained yards come healthier homes for you and your family. Today we are going to talk about different ways in which lawn care services can improve the appearance of every homeowner's front yard; from weed control to aeration to seeding, these treatments can make your lawn an outdoor living room. In this blog, we will cover important lawn care services for improving your curb appeal, such as:

  • Aeration

  • Seeding

  • Weed control

  • Fertilization

Aeration services for thicker, fuller grass

Aeration services are important for a few reasons: they improve the appearance of your home and yard while also ensuring your grass can grow strong and thick. A healthy lawn requires good air circulation, which can be accomplished by removing thatch and cores of soil from your yard.This allows nutrients like water, sunlight, and air to reach the root stem of your grass in order to improve growth. 

Seeding after aeration makes for greener grass

If you have just aerated your lawn, then seeding is a good idea.Seeding after aeration will help to give the lawn an even greener appearance by filling in any areas that may be thin or sparse. It also helps with soil compaction so water can reach deeper into the ground and it provides nutrients for healthy root growth.

Get rid of unsightly weeds

The next service we'll look at is weed control to keep your yard looking great all year long. Weeds attract pests like cockroaches and ants and are notorious for ruining your lawn.

Weeds can be controlled by applying a pre-emergent herbicide in the spring,which prevents weeds from germinating and is most effective when applied before turf grass starts to grow.

You can also control weeds with post emergent weed killers that kill them after they've grown or emerged through the soil surface.This treatment is best applied by a trained professional like the ones atAgronomic Lawn Management.It removed weeds that have already taken root in your yard.

Fertilize your lawn for lasting results

Lastly, and most importantly, fertilization.Without fertilizing, grass will lose color and turn brown in dry weather.The result: a lifeless landscape that doesn't get noticed. It's also one of the easiest steps to do yourself because it only takes about an hour. This step will greatly improve your lawn's appearance and will make your grass the envy of your entire neighborhood. You can go purchase fertilizers at a home improvement store, or talk to a local lawn care company and ask them which type of fertilizer they recommend. 

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