Chesapeake Homes Make Your Dream Home Gym a Reality!

Make Your Dream Home Gym a Reality!

If there is anything that this last year has taught us, it is important to have things that are essential to your lifestyle at your fingertips under your roof. If you live for a good gym session to help unwind after work or like to get in the right frame of mind on the treadmill before you begin your day, then a home gym should be on your list! There are so many options of workouts available at our fingertips these days, some even free, so it is just a matter of creating the space and investing in any equipment you might need, and you are on your way!

Consider What You Want to Accomplish

Before you jump into creating a home gym, think about the exercise you want to enjoy there and then think about the space you will need. You don’t necessarily need a big space for a good workout. For instance, Pilates and yoga are typically practiced on a mat with just a tad more space around you for leg and arm movements. With that being said, a home gym can be as simple as the corner of a room where you have a few small weights, a stability ball, resistance bands, a chin-up bar, and a yoga mat. As long as it’s a place where people aren’t going to disturb you or trip over your exercise equipment, you have a home gym that will work your entire body. Of course, if you want something more sophisticated—like weights or that Peloton that you waited MONTHS for—you need to explore the available spaces in your house.

Make Sure the Space is Accessible 

Having a home gym is more convenient than traveling to a fitness center and can cost less than a gym membership. But the best way to get value out of it is to ensure it is in a spot that it will be used. Some well-meaning individuals run out and invest in exercise equipment, park it in an area that’s in the way or just not accessible enough. Before long, the good intentions fade away and the equipment is an expensive clothes hanger. It happens to the best of us! Look for a well-ventilated space or something where you can utilize a fan or ceiling fan. The garage is often the go-to space, but extreme temperatures can limit its use. Once you find it uncomfortable or inconvenient to use your home gym, you’ll abandon it, so choose the space wisely.

Think About the Floor

Be sure you have sufficient supports for heavy equipment and that the sound of your workout isn’t going to disrupt other members of your household. A rubber mat is a good investment to protect the floor and provide noise reduction. The basement is a great place to escape for a good workout. You’re on a sturdy foundation with no one below to be disturbed by the clanking and pounding of your equipment. If you plan to include exercise machines, check the ceiling height first.

Your home gym is a place where you can combine cardiovascular exercise with muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. You don’t need all the kettlebells and whistles of a professional fitness center. Just determine the exercises you need to include in your workout and determine how to achieve a healthy goal in the space you have.

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