Chesapeake Homes Outdoor Activities Near Your Chesapeake Homes Community - Coastal North Carolina

Outdoor Activities Near Your Chesapeake Homes Community - Coastal North Carolina

There are some hidden gems in Coastal North Carolina beyond beaches and seafood - and some are right around the corner from your Chesapeake Homes community! Uncover cool, off-the-beaten-path spots for leisurely hikes through forests and nature preserves. Embrace nature, stay active, and connect with fellow hikers while enjoying the great outdoors. See our list below as we take you to some of the best places to experience near your very own Chesapeake Homes new construction home! 

Brunswick Nature Park

Location: Winnabow, NC
Things to do: Hiking, Biking, Picnics, Kayaking, Fishing, Horse Trails
Nearby Communities: Goose Marsh, Coastal Club
Explore over 900 acres of untouched wilderness at Brunswick Nature Park. Discover a diverse mix of vegetation, wildlife, ecosystems, and waterways in this environmental oasis. Enjoy a kayak/canoe launch site, a spacious picnic pavilion, and endless hiking and biking trails for your next outdoor adventure!

Lake Waccamaw State Park
Location: Lake Waccamaw, NC
Things to do: Camping, Hiking, Boating, Picnics, Birdwatching, Fishing, Paddling
Nearby Communities: Goose Marsh, Coastal Club
Discover Lake Waccamaw State Park, just 40 miles west of Wilmington in Columbus County. Explore the largest Carolina Bay with 500,000 mysterious craters and a rare open-water lake surrounded by a limestone bluff. Home to unique aquatic species, this park offers a 14-mile shoreline walkway accessible via a pedestrian bridge over Waccamaw Dam. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind natural experience at Lake Waccamaw State Park! 

Carolina Beach State Park

Location: Carolina Beach, NC
Things to do: Camping, Hiking, Biking, Paddling, Fishing, Picnics, Boating
Nearby Communities: Goose Marsh, Coastal Club
Visit Carolina Beach State Park, just 12 miles south of Wilmington in New Hanover County. Discover the fascinating Venus Flytrap and unique habitats like Sugarloaf Dune and three limesink ponds. Enjoy boating and fishing opportunities at the park's marina on the Cape Fear River and Intracoastal Waterway!

We hope you've been inspired to explore the great outdoors and create unforgettable memories along the way! Maybe you're not ready for these activities yet, but it might be a good idea to write them down as you now live so close to these great recreational activities! Remember, the beauty of nature is always waiting to be discovered, whether it's in your own backyard, within your Chesapeake Homes community, or in far-flung corners of the world!
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