Chesapeake Homes Plans Reimagined with Woodley Architectural Group

Plans Reimagined with Woodley Architectural Group

This past week, our company had the pleasure of meeting with Woodley Architectural Group, an award-winning, world renowned architectural and planning firm with offices in both Santa Ana, California, and Littleton, Colorado. They journeyed cross-country to help Chesapeake Homes dream up some new floorplans for the upcoming community, Ashville Park, in Virginia Beach.

Homes created by Woodley Architectural Group span across the world, from here in the United States to countries such as China, Egypt, France, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates. Their portfolio ranges from beautiful multi-family and single-family homes to stunning amenities that help bring out the social butterfly in everyone. The President of the company, Michael Woodley, and President of the Western Division, Debra Falese, bring a total of over 50 years of experience to the table. Based on those credentials alone, we knew that we were in for quite the experience.


What makes them stand out in terms of an architect is that they have created an interactive “charrette” experience that allows clients to be involved in the process of creating new plans. During these meetings, we were able to speak to them about our market and what is important to the buyers that we work with, along with new ideas that we would like to incorporate into the home. Their creative edge was out in full force during our three-day meeting, highlighting exactly why they are so amazing at what they do. As the meeting was taking place, the Woodley Architecture team worked cohesively to create a handful of floorplans that would both meet our market needs while forcing us to step outside of our comfort zone as a builder. Their commitment to being “market disrupters”, or architects who help moderately disrupt the market with new and bold ideas, is exactly what a builder needs to bring a fresh set of eyes to what they do. After providing our company with three new floorplans and gorgeous exteriors to go along with them, they ventured back home to continue bringing their creations to other clients.

This experience was like nothing else that we have done in terms of floorplan creation. We truly look forward to sharing the newest lineup of home plans with our buyers in the future! 

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