Chesapeake Homes What's Your Design Style?

What's Your Design Style?

Guest Blogger: Stephanie Bensley, Design Gallery Manager, Virginia Division

When you scroll through Pinterest or Instagram and see images of beautiful kitchens and bathrooms, you probably want to double-tap most of what you see! But when it comes to your own home, do you know your design style? Take this quiz to find the style that best suits you!  
1)The type of artwork that brings you the most joy is:
            A: Signs with clever sayings on them
            B: Scenic paintings of mountains or the ocean
            C: black and white images with splashes of color

2)When clothes shopping, you prefer:
            A: Easy, breezy styles that are comfortable and cute
            B: Timeless pieces that you can mix and match 
            C: Bold statement pieces that stand out in a crowd

3)Your go-to furniture and décor shopping store is:
            A: A local repurposed and vintage store
            B: Ethan Allen
            C: West Elm

4)If you had to pick a favorite home remodeling TV show, it would be: 
            A: Fixer Upper
            B: This Old House
            C: Color Splash

5)Your ideal weekend getaway spot is:
            A: A renovated Airstream 
            B:  A town rich in history and culture
            C: New York City 

6)When you’re in the checkout line at the grocery store, the magazine you’ll most likely pick up is: 
            A: Magnolia
            B: Better Homes and Gardens
            C: Architectural Digest

7)Which is your ideal pet?
            A: A miniature pig
            B: A hypo-allergenic hybrid dog
            C: A hairless cat

8)When picking out interior wall paint for your home, you gravitate to:
            A: White – it’s clean and brightens up any room
            B: A popular greige because it’s not too gray, not too beige
            C: Pantone’s color of the year and coordinating palette

9)Your favorite type of fireplace in a home is:
            A: A good, old-fashioned wood-burning fireplace
            B: A gas fireplace – easy on, easy off, no mess
            C: An electric fireplace – colored lights and crystals are calling your name!

10)Your dining room table is:
            A: Made by hand with reclaimed wood
            B: An heirloom set that includes a buffet and china cabinet
            C: A unique piece with either glass or marble 

Count up how many A, B, and C answers that you had and see your results below! 

If you had mostly A answers….
Fresh Farmhouse – When you shop for home décor, you find yourself being drawn to anything that has the Joanna Gaines or Rae Dunn stamp on it. The farmhouse style embraces everything you want your home to reflect – comfort, security, and joy. As trends evolve, having farmhouse features as the foundation of your style will allow your decorating roots to grow without having to say, “It’s Demo Day!” 

If you had mostly B answers….
Timeless and Traditional – A traditional home boasts a rich, warm, and inviting feel, achieving elegance and comfortability at the same time. Try incorporating accents like trim detailing along with elements rich in eras gone by to showcase your appreciation of art, history, and symmetry. Trends may come and go but with your classic style, your home will feel fresh now and 20 years from now.

If you had mostly C answers….
Bold and Beautiful – Bringing dramatic color and attention-getting design into your home gives you an energy that you share with the rest of your world. Maybe you’re inspired by places you’ve traveled or a favorite piece of artwork.  Whether you accomplish this with wall paint, furniture, art or accent pillows, bold décor and styling can be function and fun without limitations. Showcase your home’s character through design and as a way to let your personality shine!  

While we know this is not indicative of all of the styles, these are three design styles that buyers tend to lean towards when designing their new homes. We can’t wait to help you build your dream home that showcases your style! 

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