Chesapeake Homes Pops of Color Light Up Your Curb Appeal

Pops of Color Light Up Your Curb Appeal

Guest Blogger: Katrina Reese, New Home Specialist, Virginia Division

A home’s curb appeal goes a long way with me. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of great options not only to bring curb appeal to the front of a home but also to incorporate the beautiful, bright colors that remind you summer is right around the corner! If I walk by a home that has a bright front door and some fun pops of color on the porch, I am mesmerized. It leads me down a rabbit hole of thought – what does it look like inside? Do the people that live there carry the bold personality that their front door suggests? I spend a moment standing there with my thoughts while endlessly gazing at the freshly painted entry door, then noticing the Coir doormat that is an explosion of colors as well. “It’s all so welcoming – I MUST go in and see the rest of the home!” I think to myself. Suddenly I snap back to reality and realize “I don’t know these people and I CANNOT go into their home!” and so I continue on my merry way…

If you’re looking at creating the most welcoming front entry, here are a few things you can do to mesmerize your guests!

- Daring Doors: How many Pinterest photos have you pinned showing an out-of-the-norm front door that would be PERFECT for your home? Take the plunge and paint the door! A good place to start are colors like Blarney Stone by PPG Paints, or Sherwin Williams’ exterior door inspiration here! Make sure to use a paint that will sustain in an outdoor environment and test some colors using paint samples to find your ideal color.

- Doormats: Next time you are out shopping around, keep your eye out for a bright colored front doormat. You can opt for one with a phrase like “Welcome” or “Home Sweet Home” or choose one that is a pattern that is bold and full of personality.

- Outdoor Chairs: While chairs typically carry more of a neutral tone, you can also add pops of different materials to liven up your front porch. Chairs made of steel and rattan add the perfect texture.

- Outdoor Pillows: If you have the perfect lounging chair on the front porch, throw a bright pillow or two on there to not only bring even more comfort while you enjoy your time outdoors but to help bring that excitement to an otherwise neutral chair.

- Plants & Potters: There are SO many cool and colorful plants that you can add to your porch to add some greenery. If you do not have a green thumb, opt for a faux outdoor plant! Fun planters in many different colors and patterns will help bring that little bit of excitement to your greenery.

Mix and match a few of the above in exciting colors to put together the perfect entry!

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