Chesapeake Homes It's Time to Pace Ourselves

It's Time to Pace Ourselves

Coastal South Carolina Division Process Updates (as of 1/2/22)

Applicable to All Communities Currently Selling 

2020 threw us all some curveballs, but one of those curveballs that we were certainly not expecting was the demand for new homes! If you are not aware, the real estate market has not taken a break since early 2020. And it’s only become a crazier market since then. We are sure that you have also read the headlines in the news regarding incredible spikes in lumber and other construction costs. Due to historically low interest rates which have in turn caused the scorching hot market and the cost of building materials consistently rising, Chesapeake Homes has had to learn to operate in this new demanding, wonderful time! With that being said, we need to ensure that we are functioning at the high level that is expected of us during this time, while still providing you, our Chesapeake Homes’ customers, with ideal customer service. For us to move forward and control what we can for our company internally while still providing a great home buying experience for our customers, we are going to change the way we are making homes available for purchase by turning to building only Showcase Homes for the foreseeable future.

What is a Quick Move-In Showcase Home, you ask?

This is a home that we build to specifications selected by our team of professionals. We have used data from hundreds of homes we have sold in the Myrtle Beach area to predetermine the best plans to build and options to put in those homes for our next homebuyers. Our Certified Design Gallery Consultants have selected each interior selection and option with a buyer’s wants and needs in mind, ensuring that we have the ultimate ensemble of homes available for purchase.

Why do we believe Quick Move-In Showcase Homes will help all parties in this current situation?

As mentioned, the main issue that our industry has been facing is the rising lumber costs. To address this issue, many builders have had to include escalation clauses into contracts stating that the price of the home could increase over a set period of time and that buyers will be responsible for a portion of the pricing increase due to the increase in lumber costs between when they wrote their agreement and when we are ready to order lumber for the home as there can sometimes be a 60-day period of time between the two. Showcase Homes will help us avoid this as we will be able to have more control over our construction costs, therefore giving our buyers more stability in our pricing.

What does this mean for you, the buyer?

While you will not be selecting a homesite, floorplan, and options all individually, we will have a selection of homes available each month for you to choose from of varying floorplans with an array of interior selections. There are many things to look forward to in moving forth with a Chesapeake Homes Showcase Home.

- Quicker Build Times: You will likely have a quicker build time and be able to settle into your new home sooner than if you came in to start from scratch. This is because we will have pushed through the permit, foundation, and framing process, which  can be a timely portion of the overall build time.

- Lock in Interest Rates Sooner: This will also allow you to lock in your interest rates on your loan quicker instead of waiting and potentially risking interest rates increasing.

- Designer-Crafted Homes: Some buyers get overwhelmed by the selection process of options and often lean on their Design Consultant to help. Now, you have a Designer-created home just for you! If you would like to tweak some interior options, you may be able to do so. Check with your New Home Specialist for additional information. All structural options must stay as selected. 

- Same Great Quality: The great news is that you will still have the same quality homes with the same high-level included features from Chesapeake Homes that you know and love!

We have been an advocate for building Showcase Homes since long before this current market that we are in because we see the many advantages of building in this way. We know this will be a benefit that helps our future homebuyers feel more at ease with their purchase with us during this time. We look forward to welcoming you home in the future! Click here to contact us for additional information. 

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